Microneedling VS other treatments

Microneedling VS other treatments

Microneedling achieve its benefits without damaging the epidermis (epidermis stay intact vs abrading), which means faster healing time and less adverse reactions (PIH, scarring, infection, etc).


Inflammation can cause pigmentation in darker skin tones and people with Asian heritage.


  • Microneedling VS Laser: Lasers create heat, that can result in thermal damage in the skin. Lasers are equal to more risk for PIH (Postinflammatory Hyperpigmentation), scarring and hypopigmentation.

  • Microneedling VS Chemical Peels: Some chemical peels achieve their benefit by causing a controlled burn on the skin or by purposefully injuring the entire epidermis. Chemical peels are equal to more risk for PIH, scarring and hypopigmentation.


When compared to laser treatments and chemical peels, Microneedling is considered a safer treatment, especially for darker skin tones.

  1. Less adverse reactions
  2. Faster healing time
  3. Safer for darker skin tones


Information source: The Anti-Aging Pro



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