After care Botulinum Toxins

After care Botulinum Toxins

After a Botulinum toxin treatment you may have some swelling, redness and bruising which will subside within the next few hours. Bruising may take a few days, especially if extensive. Arnica tablets/gel or vitamin k oxide cream can be used. A headache may occur after treatment and treated normally. Results emerge gradually during 3- 14 days.


Dos & Don’ts

Remain upright for 2 hours. Use the muscles that have been treated more often for the first hour. Do not apply make up for approximately 6 hours unless it is mineral based. You should avoid facial massages or electrical stimulation of the face for the next 2 weeks. When cleansing, avoid pressure and gentle strokes away from the eyes. Avoid wearing tight caps or garments in the area that has been injected. For 48 hours you should avoid alcohol and exposure to UV and extreme heat i.e. sauna, steam, sun beds, very hot showers, strenuous exercise etc, as this may increase discomfort and swelling.


How soon will I see the results and how long will it last?

The initial effects will show in the first 2-5 days and continue to improve for 2 weeks. If this is your first treatment we will call you about a week later to book a follow up appointment with your Clinician after approximately 14 days.

Botulinum toxin usually lasts 3-4 months on average. Fine lines that do not disappear in the first 2 weeks will often continue to soften over the coming months. Those that don’t can often be improved with dermal filler. Botulinum toxin also helps prevent the development of new lines. Most people need a treatment every 4 months or so to get the best long term results.


When to seek urgent review:

Allergy or infection is the only possible side effects that would benefit from an urgent review by your clinician. Thankfully they are extremely uncommon. If you get a painful or itchy bump or swelling near an injection site please contact the office immediately for a review.

Eye Symptoms- though extremely rare, any side effects affecting the appearance or function of your eyes especially very dry eyes could benefit from treatment, please inform us at the earliest opportunity.

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