After Care / Tips

After Care / Tips

     On top of going to a trust-worthy clinician and consulting with an experienced professional, it is important to understand how your procedure will be performed, what to expect afterwards, and how to manage the aftercare of your new lips (or cheeks, or chin, or face altogether). To guide you on how to best prepare for your treatment, read through our comprehensive guide on dermal filler aftercare.

1) If you are experiencing swelling, place an ice pack on the treated are for no more than 10 minutes.

2) 24 hours before treatment eat more vegetables like spinach, kale and celery to boost levels of Vitamin K.

3) For 2 weeks after treatment keep your treated area protected form the sun and use 45+ broad spectrum SPF. 

4) Use Arnica on the treated area if bruising occurs.

5) Drink more water daily before and after treatment. Hyaluronic Acid bonds to water and dehydration dissipates the filler faster.

6) Eat healthy foods like fruits and vegetables. The vitamins and minerals will assist in the healing process.

7) Wipe with chlorhexidine for the first 48 hours after the treatment. 

8) Eat food at room temperature, discard salty, sour, spices for the first 48 hours to avoid irritation.

9) It is very important to restrain from facial expressions the first 24 hours.

10) If any lumps or bumps are present, massage gently your lips. They should be gone in 7-10 days.


     Ready to get the hydrated and plumped lips you've dreamed of? Then the Hyaluronic Acid filler is your new best friend. If you've weighed up all the risks and have done your research to find the right clinic, then there is no reason to be concerned. A new, enhanced you is just a booking away.

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